Trout Dry
X Caddis X Caddis
By Dave Sloan
The X Caddis was developed by Craig Matthews and represents an emerging or crippled caddis. Caddis emerge quite quickly once they reach the surface, often too quickly for trout to have a chance to eat them. (more)
Sloan's Caddis Paralyzer - By Dave Sloan
Yellow Stimulator - By Dave Sloan
Sparkle Dun Baetis - By Dave Sloan
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Trout Nymph
Copper John Copper John
By Jason Akl
John Barr could not have realized the stir this pattern would create throughout the fly fishing and tying world. Originated in 1996, the Copper John steadily gained popularity and creditability among fly anglers all over the world. (more)
Frostbite Chironomid Pupa - By Dave Sloan
WD 40 - By Dave Sloan
Hart's Dark Lord - By Dave Sloan
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Trout Streamer
Muddler Minnow Muddler Minnow
By Jason Akl
One of the true classic streamer patterns of all time, the Muddler minnow has been deceiving fish for nearly a half century. The Muddler was originally invented by creative fly tier Don Gapen somewhere around the 1950’s, to catch brook trout from the Nippigon River system. (more)
Whitlock's Hare Jig - By Jason Akl
Matuka Sculpin - By Jason Akl
Flesh Fly - By Jason Akl
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Deep Sheep Minnow “Bluegill Pattern” Deep Sheep Minnow “Bluegill Pattern”
By Jason Akl
One consistency among all large freshwater game fish is that they all feed on small fish. With minnow patterns you never have to worry about the time of the year, hatches or weather. (more)
Borski's Super Swimming Shrimp Borski's Super Swimming Shrimp
By Jason Akl
One of the best times to get and use this great fly pattern is when the summertime weather fades and the cooler and windier days take over. These changes in weather inspire Bonefish to alter the areas they inhabit and start the spawning process. (more)
McQuades Banded Shrimp - By Jason Akl
Super Swimming Shrimp - By Jason Akl
Puligis Floating Crab - By Jason Akl
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Saltwater Baitfish
Sloan's Circle Hook Klouser Sloan's Circle Hook Klouser
By Dave Sloan
The traditional Clouser Minnow is arguably the best all purpose baitfish imitation that has been created. It is one of those flies that will catch anything with fins. (more)
Puglisi Peanut Butter - By Jason Akl
Flashtail Whistler, Blanton's - By Jason Akl
Puglisi Perfect Minnow - By Jason Akl
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Tarpon Flies
Black Death Black Death
By Jason Akl
The Florida Keys are some of the most famous tarpon hunting grounds found anywhere in the world. These gin clear waters are riddled with tarpon in the 40-80 pound class and can even be caught in the 100lb class on these shallow flats during the summer months. (more)
Lemay’s Big Eye Tarpon Fly - By Jason Akl
Cockroach Tarpon Fly - By Jason Akl
Tarpon's Tasty Treat - By Tyson Pardue
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Steelhead and Salmon
Pettis Unreal Egg Pettis Unreal Egg
By Dave Sloan
The Pettis Unreal Egg is one of the best egg patterns to come out in years. Its translucent appearance mimics that of a natural egg extremely well and it is an easy fly to tie. (more)
Techno-Wog - By Jason Akl
Starlight Leech - By Jason Akl
Green Butt Skunk - By Jason Akl
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