Mini Drifter

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The Mini Drifter, is the most versatile drift boat on the market. Our drift boat is able to fish freshwater streams, rivers, lakes, as well as bays, estuaries and certain open ocean areas in saltwater. Not to mention, that you don't need a trailer, launch ramp or other! One person can slide the Mini Drifter boat in and out of their favorite fishing or hunting spot with ease. This little drift boat does it all!

Here at Mini Drifter, we are all about functionality, low cost, no maintenance durability with a lifetime of fun and excitement. This little drift boat does it all!

8 Foot
The 8-Foot Mini-Drifter. Great for a quick and easy load into the bed of your truck for a get-up-and-go fishing trip.

  • 67lbs
  • .100 5052 Aluminum (Front, bottom, back) .080 (Sides)
  • 1 man
  • 400 max cap. approx.
  • 55" max width
  • 46.5" max base width
  • recommended 30-55lb thrust electric or 2hp gas motor
  • recommended 6-7' oars

10 Foot
The 10' Mini Drifter is the median option of the Mini Drifter family. With a 480lb capacity, bringing a friend is no longer a question of if, but when!

  • 110lbs
  • 1-2 man - 480lb capacity
  • 56" top width
  • 46.5" base width

    ​ Recommended:

  • 55lb or 3hp gas motor
  • 7'-7.5' oars

12 Foot
12' Mini Drifter comes in two options- the 12' Base Model and the 12' Pro Guide. The 12' Mini Drifter is capable of having up to a 10hp outboard engine mounted to the transom.

  • 140lbs
  • (base model) 1-3 man - 600lb capacity
  • 59" top width
  • 46.5" base width


  • Electric Motor or up to 5hp or 8hp with .125 aluminum option
  • 7.5'-8" oars

Our Price: $125.00-$3,895.00
Boat Type: Drift Boat Manufacturer: Mini Drifter

Mini Drifter
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Mini Drifter


Mini Drifter

12ft Base

Mini Drifter

12ft Pro Guide

Mini Drifter

Epoxy Graphite Bottom Coating

Mini Drifter

.125 transom (For motors up to 10hp)

Mini Drifter


Mini Drifter
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