Korkers Replacement Soles

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Korkers Replacement Soles
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Great addition to your Korker Wading Boot purchase. Just order the same size as your Korker boot for proper fit. Great to use when fishing those slippery streams.

  • High friction rubber is designed to excel in and out of the water
  • "Spongy" rubber adds durability for hiking compared to traditional felt sole
  • Reduced water absorption keeps them very lightweight
  • Studs provide added traction for extreme conditions
  • Perfect for scrambling trails, rock hopping, and wading in wet conditions
  • Reduces the spread of invasive species

Our Price: $49.99-$69.99
Application: Felt for good traction, Studded sole for additional traction Manufacturer: Korkers Type: Accessories, Boots
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Studded Felt

Korkers Replacement Soles
07 $49.99
08 $49.99
09 $49.99
10 $49.99
11 $49.99
12 $49.99
13 $49.99
14 $49.99
15 $49.99

Studded Vibram IdroGrip

Korkers Replacement Soles
07 $69.99
08 $69.99
09 $69.99
10 $69.99
11 $69.99
12 $69.99
13 $69.99
14 $69.99
15 $69.99
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