ECHO Trout

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There are few fish with a more diverse menu of preferred foods or living environments than trout.

Sometimes, they require lightly presenting speck-sized midges to get a grab. At other times, you may find yourself tossing heavily weighted leeches on sinking lines.

Designing a series optimized for every trout situation just isn’t going to happen. We can, however, make a rod well-suited to cast flies and lines of various sizes and densities in that “sweet spot” distance of 30-50 feet.

  • Unique Reel Seat and Slider Ring
  • Handle shape to accommodate different grip styles
  • Improved accuracy and efficiency with the new Dual Zone handle
  • Each rod model features a unique action
  • Warranty: Echo Lifetime Warranty

    Our Price: $349.99
Action: Med Fast Family: Echo
Manufacturer: ECHO Water Type: Fresh

ECHO Trout
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Model / Length / Line Wt Qty
484 / 8' 4" / Line Wt

490 / 9' / Line Wt

590 / 9' / Line Wt

690 / 9' / Line Wt

696 / 9' 6" / Line Wt
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