Kiene's Fly Shop

Bill Kiene got his start back in the 1970s in conventional fishing tackle retailing in Sacramento, California. Eventually Bill's interest evolved into fly-fishing and for 34 years Kiene's Fly Shop has been one of the major fly fishing retailers in the Western United States. We haven't forgotten our roots and we are all about promoting the sport of fishing regardless of the type of equipment used. In fact, many of Kiene's clients, past and present, come from the conventional tackle side of fishing. We are all a part of the brotherhood of fishermen and we all share a love of the great outdoors. Kiene's will always welcome and respect all individuals that walk through our doors, enter our website or visit our social media. Customer service and respect for all anglers are our top priorities.

Kiene's Fly Shop takes pride in educating our customers in the techniques necessary to be successful fly fishers. We have always been proponents of the "catch and release" ethic to protect our aquatic resources. Kiene's Fly Shop is Northern California's center for top quality fly-fishing equipment, guide services, fly-fishing instructions and worldwide travel services. Most importantly, Kiene's is a source of information whether it be where to go fishing or techniques to do so.

Tight lines to all who love the great outdoors.


GARY EBLEN - Owner/Managing Partner

Gary began fly-fishing in Minnesota in 1956. He tells tales of buying from Herter's and using road kill to tie flies on bait hooks. Since moving to California in 1966 he has fished nearly all parts of the state.

In 1991 Gary began his career in the fly fishing industry when he opened his shop American Fly Fishing in Sacramento, CA. which after a merger in 2016 became known as Kiene's Fly Shop. The shop has grown to being one of the largest fly tackle retailers in the Western US. Having been in retailing for over 30 years, Gary is committed to a friendly and knowledgeable environment to serve the fly fishing community.

One of Gary's other passions is travel. He is the director of Kiene's Fly Fishing Travel. Gary has years of World Wide travel experience. He has fished more countries and caught more species than he can count. If you are planning a trip, Gary is the guy to talk to.


Born and raised in what is now known as Zimbabwe, Africa, Paul spent lots of time fishing with his dad and brother for the exotic fish of the Dark Continent. Since his employment began at the shop, he has fished in the USA, Europe and Africa and has a passion for fishing for exotic species all over the world. Being a jack of all trades, Paul is Kiene's go to guy for solving any problem whether it be designing our graphic arts, managing our web page or managing the shipping department and purchasing.

CAPT. ANDY GUIBORD - Guide Services

A staff member at Kiene's for over twenty years, Andy has done it all. He has fly fished for Tarpon in the Caribbean, Stripers in the rivers of the central valley, and trout all over the western US. Having now earned his captain's license he can now take clients to the out the way honey holes where the fish abound and other fishermen are rare. As guide manager, he is the guy to talk to if you are looking for a guide anywhere in California, Oregon and Nevada. Andy is a prolific writer and photographer whose images have appeared in national publications and he also writes a regular column for California Fly Fisher Magazine.

MIKE POWERS - Assistant Manager

Mike is a passionate fly-fisher that lives for fishing spring creeks, and loves the adrenalin rush of targeting large saltwater species. Over the last fifteen years of working in the fly-fishing industry Mike has experienced it all, from sweeping the floors, picking and shipping to being our chief fly fishing instructor and fly department manager. Mike is enthusiastic about introducing beginners to the sport and providing them with a solid foundation of knowledge and technique. He is also a member of the pro staff of RL Winston Rod Company.

AL BUNCH - Striperholic

Al started fly-fishing at the age of 13 when he would ride his bike down to the end of Arden Way in Sacramento, CA and fish for bass and bluegill in the Arden Ponds. Not having a fly fishing mentor, he learned by reading everything he could get his hands on about fly-fishing. When he got a little older he would spend weeks backpacking in the Sierra's for trout. Al loves to travel and has been to Alaska and Mexico many, many times. Al has worked for Kiene's Fly Shop for over 17 years. When not working in the shop he can be found on the Delta fishing for whatever swims.

TIM AU-YOUNG - Inventory Control/Fly Tying Instructor

From his first cast back in 1996 Tim has been passionate about fly fishing. Since then he as acquired an expert knowledge in trout and bass fishing techniques. He began his career at Kiene's in 2010 and now holds the position of inventory control coordinator in addition to being our fly tying instructor. His fly tying has taken him to events around the country where he demonstrates some of his unique techniques. In 2005 he received an award as the Fly Fishing International (formerly FFF) "Fly Tyer of the Year".

GREG VINCI - Social Media/Fishing Reports

After over twenty years in the wholesale fly tackle & accessory business Greg embarked on a writing career culminating with the authorship of the best-selling "Flyfisher's Guide to California". Greg continues to write about fly-fishing and his stories and photos are regularly published in national fly-fishing magazines. Many of his images have graced the covers of those magazines.

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