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By AmericanFly Staff

Thanks for checking our Fishing Reports page. We update this as often as possible - garnered from input from our own fishing, our guides, and our customers. We hope it helps!

The Steelhead are here, guides are having good luck on American …... Book your trip today for February & March.

Fishing Reports – 02-24-2015

Lower American River
Flows are down to 900+ cfs. The River remains on the low side, but the clarity is pretty much perfect. Guides have been hooking and landing fish to 8 lbs with improving numbers. Still slim compared with past years but worth it if you get a hot steelie. Fish are starting to chase Alevins and so are the ducks. Guess what? There are a few Otters to see too. If you see an Otter – you probably won’t see Steelies.

Flies that are producing on the American River:
Egg Patterns & Beads, lighter color
Copper Johns (Copper, Red) 12-16
Micro Mayfly (olive 16)
Caddis Poopah (Tan, Green), 14-16
Bird's Nest (Tan) 12-16
Hot Bead Prince Nymph 8-10

California Delta
Water temperatures should start to come up and as water warms strier action will jump. Decent numbers of 1-8lb fish can be taken using subsurface baitfish patterns, in 4-12 feet of water. Striper lines are recommended. Using slower stripping, action with long pauses.

Recommended Flies: Streamers: Clouser Deep Minnow - Chrt/Wht, Red/Wht, Chrt/Yel in 1/0 - 2/0, Flash Clouser Jig black in 2/0. Topwater: Gurgler & B&M Bomber size 2.

Lower Feather River
Flows are 700 cfs at Gridley. Unfortunately, it has been slow on the Feather. Guides have scouted the area pretty thoroughly but not much to report. We are waiting for reports of action lower for Stripers but it’s not happening right now.

Recommended Flies: Nymphs: Prince Nymph 12-16, Copper Johns 12-16, Bird's Nest Brown 12-16, San Juan Worms Brown, Beads, & Glo Bugs Dries: EC Caddis, E-Z Caddis and Elk Hair in olive & brn 14-16. Stripers: None right now

Lower Yuba River
Flows are around 560 cfs – flows are still low and it looks like they will stay that way for a while. The color is excellent though. There is a solid BWO hatch about 2pm daily, sparking top water action. Rainbows are plucking Skwalas from the surface. Try making the Skwala move a little. The action seems to excite them. The Yuba has be crowded at times.

Recommended Flies:Nymphs: Stoneflies 6-8 in brown & olive, March Brown 14, Baetis nymphs 14 – 16, Micro Mays 16-18 & Copper Johns in red & copper 14-16Dries:BWO 14-18, Missing Link Caddis 16-18, Spent PMD 16-20, Sprout PMD 16-20

Lower Sacramento River
Guide Joe Vasquez: Lower Sacramento water flows are super at 6500 cfs! There is ample food in the Lower Sac to keep fish happy and on the bite. Lately the river has cleared and fishing is improving. Try to change up your offerings. For example: use a poohpa and slide a pink bead on the line. Beads are on! Can't tell you the numbers for recent guide trips but it is off the chart!
Recommended Flies:Nymphs: Micro May 16 – Olive, Hares Ear – 12 – 16, Bird Nest 12-14 - Tan & green, Foxes Poopah 14-16 – olive.
In the afternoon switch to Caddis on top…when you see fish that is fun!

Truckee River
The Truckee is home to a growing population of Browns and Rainbows with a few Cutthroats and Brookies thrown into the mix. You'll come across a number of fish in the 15" to 20" range. That being said, fish pushing 30 inches are not unheard of but landing these terrific trout is a challenge unlike any other. If you're looking for a big boy - fish streamers and you might want to search for them. Big fish on the Truckee are often hunted like New Zealand.

Recommended Flies: Nymphs: Pheasant Tail Nymphs 14-18, San Juan Worm brn, Crayfish in org & brn, Golden Stone patterns in 8-12, Guides Choice Hares Ear Tan 16-20, Copper Johns 14-18. Dries: BWO 14-18, Para Adams 14-16. Streamers: Wool-head Sculpins in blk 7 olive 4-6, Super Bugger in Brn, Blk, Olive 4-8.

Additional Reports/Rivers
Trinity River: Joe Vasquez is now guiding on the Trinity. He has many years of experience on the Trinity. We have some pretty happy clients that Joe has taken to Trinity. Call the shop to set up your fall trip to this special river.

Putah Creek: Joe Vasquez & Phil White are now guiding on Putah Creek. Both have many years of experience on the Putah and will do an excellent job for you. Call the shop to set up your fall trip to this special river.

Lake Amador: 6-8 lb trout. Fish from a boat or from shore. Look for points and drops. Strip Wooly Buggers and small Leeches.

Pyramid Lake: 20lb trout are not uncommon! Strip Beatles & Buggers. Drift Midges and worms under an indicator. You may fish all day for one fish. It can be a challenge, but worthwhile. Fish from a ladder or float tube. Have fun!

We will be adding additional rivers/streams/lakes in the near future

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