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Have a look at this great collection. Please call us during business hours to inquire about purchasing any of these books. 800-410-1222. Week Days - 10am to 530pm, Week ends - 10am to 4pm.

Collectable Books

13G Streamside Guide $250.00

18H Marten I Have Known Signed $100.00

10H Matching the Hatch $100.00

3G A Modern Dry-Fly Code $195.00

7G Techniques of Fly Tying and Trout Fishing ©1976 $175.00

4G Small in the Eye of the River $250.00

5G Small in the Eye of the River $250.00

16G The Longest Silence Signed 1st Edition $325.00

4E The Bamboo Rod 1st Edition $105.00

20E Trout Bum Gierach 1st Edition Signed $250.00

3I Fishing the Adirondacks 1st Edition Signed $115.00

14F Techniques of Trout Fishing and Fly Tying $69.95

13F Western Mayfly Hatches Signed $195.00

14E On the Trout Stream with Joe Humphreys Signed $80.00

3H Art of Angling Journals 5 Copies $250.00

22G Mayflies 1st Edition 2 – Signed $165.00

21G Ephemeras “Mayflies” Naturals and Artificials-Mint 1st Edition $135.00

20F Rare Feathers and Unusual Fly Tying Materials Signed/Excellent $750.00

Destination Books

19F Sex, Death, and Fly-Fishing $34.95

9E Unforgettable Days Montana Trout Fishing $15.00

22F Fifty Places to Fly Fish Before You Die $30.00

11E Fisherman’s Valley England $30.00

10G Fly Patterns of Yellowstone $54.95

7H Handbook for the Margaree $50.00

21H Catskill Rivers Birthplace $65.00

13H Castwork Reflections of Fly Fishing Guide Signed $45.00

Call 800-410-1222 During business hours to order books


7F The Fly Fisherman’s Guide to the Meaning of Life Signed $19.95

5I The Habits of Rivers $35.00

11G Fly Lines $90.00

12G Flies, Ties, & Lies $20.00

6F The Fly Fisherman’s Guide to the Meaning of Life Signed $19.95

10G Covered Waters Signed $50.00

20F My Side of the River $80.00

18G A Trout’s Best Friend $50.00

5F Extreme Flyfishing Signed $75.00

8E Cold Summer Winds $13.95

11F Rivers of Memory $45.00

12F The Compleat Lee Wulf $29.95

How To Books

4I Reading the Water Signed $55.00

20H Fishing the Dry Fly $10.00

15F The Trout and The Stream $50.00

12E The Classic Guide to Fly-Fishing for Trout $20.00

2H Trout – An Illustrated History $29.95

1F Trout Fishing Joe Brooks $19.95

5H Fly Fishing for Bonefish $50.00

8G Fly Fishing Strategy Signed $50.00

19G The Hatches Made Simple $50.00

20H The Gift of Trout $20.00

21F Casting Illusions $39.95

8F McClane’s New Standard 2nd Edition $75.00

1H McClane's Game Fish of North America $40.00

Fly Tying Books

22H A.K.’s Fly Box $40.00

15G Wet Flies Hughes $30.00

4H The Way to Better Angling $33.00

14G Midge Magic 1st Edition $30.00

8H The Orvis Anthology $14.00

9H Hooked on Flies $8.00

18F How to Dress Salmon Flies $60.00

17F How to Dress Salmon Flies $60.00

2I Mastering the Art of Tying Flies $10.00

16F Wet-Fly tying and Fishing $63.00

14H Production Fly Tying $40.00

17G Fly-Tying Materials·Tools·Technique 2nd Edition $65.00

9G Tying & Fishing Soft-Hackled Nymphs $24.95

23E The Atlantic Salmon Fly $46.00

1G Fishing Flies $19.95

6G Fly Casting by Jim Green $9.95

10F New Streamside Guide $6.95

9F 101 Fly-Fishing Tips by Lefty $14.95

16H The Teeny Technique for Steelhead & Salmon$15.00

17H The Compact Book of Fisherman’s Tricks $35.00

19H Trout Tackle·Two $15.00

3F The Nature Photographer’s Complete Guide $27.50

2G McClane’s Great Fishing and Hunting Lodges 1st Edition $45.00

4F Star Hunters $15.00

19E Twentieth Century Wildlife Artists $30.00

2F Bench Tools $15.00

Rod Building Books

2E How to Build Your Own Spilt Cane Fishing Rod$64.00

6E The Idyl of the Spilt-Bamboo 1936 Edition Signed $55.00

5E Amateur Rodmaking $95.00

3E Professional Spilt-Bamboo Rod Building Manual$60.00

1E Wes Jordan Profile of a Rodmaker 1st Edition $65.00

7E How to Make Bamboo Fly Rods $15.00

Call 800-410-1222 During business hours to order books

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