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Chums Original Eyeglass Retainers Chums Original Eyeglass Retainers    $6.99-$9.99 Add to Basket
Keep your glasses on your head, not in the river or at the bottom of the lake.

Chums Floating Phone Protector Chums Floating Phone Protector    $19.99 Add to Basket
We get it, we get it. No one wants to be away from their phone, even for one minute and now you donít have to.

Chums Dual Float Keychain Chums Dual Float Keychain    $9.99 Add to Basket
Never worry about getting stranded in the middle of a lake again!

Chums Cap Retainer Chums Cap Retainer    $4.99 Add to Basket
Save that most prized possession! Our Cap

Chums Roll Top Pouch Chums Roll Top Pouch    $14.99 Add to Basket
Keep your phone from meeting a watery grave with the Roll Top Pouch.

Chums Floating Keychain Chums Floating Keychain    $7.99 Add to Basket
The Floating Keychain fits over your wrist so you don't lose your keys while on the water.

Chums Downstream waterproof bag Chums Downstream waterproof bag    $44.99 Add to Basket
Keep your gear in and water out with the Downstream. The storm-proof Downstream lets you carry all your essentials without the headache of worrying about them around water.

Chums Slip Fit Chums Slip Fit    $8.99 Add to Basket
The Slip Fit rope retainer slides over your eyewear frames to provide a forward-mounted style.

Chums Orbiter Chums Orbiter    $11.99-$12.99 Add to Basket
New and improved Adjustable Orbiter

Chums Beaded Retainer Chums Beaded Retainer    $9.99 Add to Basket
Our Beaded Eyeglass Cord is great for those who prefer natural materials and style.

Chums Floating Neo Retainers Chums Floating Neo Retainers    $9.99 Add to Basket
The Floating Neo is our popular Neoprene retainer with added floatation capabilities.

Chums The Vault Eyeglass Case Chums The Vault Eyeglass Case    $12.99-$14.99 Add to Basket
Looking for a durable and protective case for your gear? Well here it is,

Chums Eyewear Repair Kit Chums Eyewear Repair Kit    $9.99 Add to Basket
Our Eyewear Repair Kit is back and itís new and improved! It has everything you need to keep your glasses functioning

Chums Glasshopper eye glass visor clip Chums Glasshopper eye glass visor clip    $6.99 Add to Basket
Sleek, one-piece brushed metal visor clip Easy one-handed use

Chums Lense cleaner pouch Chums Lense cleaner pouch    $6.99 Add to Basket
Microfiber cleaning cloth tucks into convenient silicone pouch. Perfect for glasses, goggles, scopes, screens, and lenses.

Chums Transporter Chums Transporter    $9.99 Add to Basket
Need a durable case for your eyewear? Our rigid exoskeleton eyeglass case protects your large framed eyewear. Keep your eyeglasses in one piece and scratch free.

Chums Glassfloat Classic Chums Glassfloat Classic    $9.99 Add to Basket
Since being introduced in the early 90ís the Glassfloat Classic has been a fan favorite and a best seller

Chums Original Large End Chums Original Large End    $8.99 Add to Basket
Beefy frames need a beefy retainer. The Original Cotton Large End retainer handles the thickest and widest frames imaginable with ease.

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