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Costa Corbina Polarized Sunglasses Costa Corbina Polarized Sunglasses    $273.00 Add to Basket
Sharp seas call for sharp shades. Costa Corbina sunglasses boast sharp angles and wide temples, no-slip Hydrolite™ construction and head-turning style.

Costa FANTAIL sunglasses Costa FANTAIL sunglasses    $273.00 Add to Basket
Always ready to hit the flats or hook a deep-sea behemoth, the Costa Fantail sunglasses are the smaller but no less mighty kin of the Blackfin.

Costa FERG XL Sunglasses Costa FERG XL Sunglasses    $294.00 Add to Basket
The frames bearing the name of our founder, Ray Ferguson, are full of them: top hooding and side shields, integrated textured Hydrolite® rubber, adjustable nose pads and our polarized 580® color-enhancing lens.

ORVIS Superlight Riffle ORVIS Superlight Riffle    $69.00 Add to Basket
Eliminate glare and see more fish with these polarised fishing sunglasses.

Costa REEFTON Sunglasses Costa REEFTON Sunglasses    $273.00 Add to Basket
These size large frames are the perfect companion to explore any body of water and will stay put on larger heads under any condition thanks to their co-molded temples, Hydrolite™ nose and temple pads, and cam action spring hinges.

Costa Blackfin PRO Sunglasses Costa Blackfin PRO Sunglasses    $284.00 Add to Basket
An enhanced version of one of Costa’s most trusted and well-loved frames, the Blackfin PRO builds off the original look, polarized lens and fit with six new angler-approved additions to keep you on the water longer.

Costa Fantail PRO Sunglasses Costa Fantail PRO Sunglasses    $11.00-$284.00 Add to Basket
The slimmed-down brother of the Blackfin PRO also boasts all the Costa PRO Series tech: a vented and fully-adjustable nose pad

Costa DIEGO Sunglasses Costa DIEGO Sunglasses    $294.00 Add to Basket
Our most advanced sport performance sunglasses yet. Diego features an innovative vented spring hinge system to maximize airflow and enhance fit, plus sweat management channels that wick away moisture to cool and ensure all day comfort.

Costa Mag Bay Sunclasses Costa Mag Bay Sunclasses    $273.00 Add to Basket
Costa Mag Bay sunglasses are large-fit and ready for larger-than-life adventures, these Costa men's sunglasses are polarized and focused on performance.

ORVIS Deschutes Sunglasses ORVIS Deschutes Sunglasses    $119.00 Add to Basket
Polarized fishing glasses with polycarbonate lens. Brinephobic coating on the outside of the lens and an optical grade anti-reflective backcoating inside.

Orvis Firehole Sunglasses Orvis Firehole Sunglasses    $119.00 Add to Basket
Combining Smith.Style & Smith.Performance the Interlock Trace sunglass is the perfect choice for casual wear or outdoor excursions. Polarized TLT Carbonic lenses block 99.9% of ...

ORVIS Madison Sunglasses ORVIS Madison Sunglasses    $119.00 Add to Basket
Polarized fishing glasses with polycarbonate lens.

ORVIS Superlight Tailout ORVIS Superlight Tailout    $69.00 Add to Basket
Block the glare and concentrate on battling the fish.

ORVIS Superlight Magnifyer Sunglasses ORVIS Superlight Magnifyer Sunglasses    $98.00 Add to Basket
You know it's going to be a good day when you can see through the glare and also be able to thread the tippet through the eye of your fly.

CliC Magnetic Expandable Readers CliC Magnetic Expandable Readers    $44.95 Add to Basket
We sell a ton of these! Very handy for on-stream or fly tying. Make pretty good readers too!

MagEyes Hat Eyes - Magnifier MagEyes Hat Eyes - Magnifier    $29.99 Add to Basket
The quality of the lens easily distinguishes it from others. The costly precision-controlled manufacturing process produces clear optic-grade acrylic dual-lenses, free of distortion or irregularities.

Costa Pescador Sunglasses Costa Pescador Sunglasses    $279.00 Add to Basket

Chums Original Eyeglass Retainers Chums Original Eyeglass Retainers    $6.99-$9.99 Add to Basket
Keep your glasses on your head, not in the river or at the bottom of the lake.

Chums Floating Phone Protector Chums Floating Phone Protector    $19.99 Add to Basket
We get it, we get it. No one wants to be away from their phone, even for one minute and now you don’t have to.

Chums Cap Retainer Chums Cap Retainer    $4.99 Add to Basket
Save that most prized possession! Our Cap

Chums Roll Top Pouch Chums Roll Top Pouch    $14.99 Add to Basket
Keep your phone from meeting a watery grave with the Roll Top Pouch.

Chums Downstream waterproof bag Chums Downstream waterproof bag    $44.99 Add to Basket
Keep your gear in and water out with the Downstream. The storm-proof Downstream lets you carry all your essentials without the headache of worrying about them around water.

Chums Slip Fit Chums Slip Fit    $8.99 Add to Basket
The Slip Fit rope retainer slides over your eyewear frames to provide a forward-mounted style.

Chums Orbiter Chums Orbiter    $11.99-$12.99 Add to Basket
New and improved Adjustable Orbiter

Chums Floating Neo Retainers Chums Floating Neo Retainers    $9.99 Add to Basket
The Floating Neo is our popular Neoprene retainer with added floatation capabilities.

Chums Eyewear Repair Kit Chums Eyewear Repair Kit    $9.99 Add to Basket
Our Eyewear Repair Kit is back and it’s new and improved! It has everything you need to keep your glasses functioning

Chums Glassfloat Classic Chums Glassfloat Classic    $9.99 Add to Basket
Since being introduced in the early 90’s the Glassfloat Classic has been a fan favorite and a best seller

Chums Original Large End Chums Original Large End    $8.99 Add to Basket
Beefy frames need a beefy retainer. The Original Cotton Large End retainer handles the thickest and widest frames imaginable with ease.

Cocoons Fitover Sunglasses Cocoons Fitover Sunglasses    $64.95 Add to Basket
Cocoons® fitover sunglasses are designed to be worn over a wide range of prescription eyewear. The patented frames are constructed from extremely....

Costa FISCH sunglasses Costa FISCH sunglasses    $273.00 Add to Basket

Costa Corbina Pro Sunglasses Costa Corbina Pro Sunglasses    $284.00 Add to Basket
A legacy favorite and sport staple among bass anglers, we added Corbina to the Costa PRO Series.

Costa WATERWOMAN 2 Sunglasses Costa WATERWOMAN 2 Sunglasses    $284.00 Add to Basket
WaterWoman was the very first female-focused performance frame in our history, and now we’ve made a larger version.

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