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RIO Fluoroflex Strong Tippet RIO Fluoroflex Strong Tippet    $17.99 Add to Basket
Ultra-Strong, 100% Fluorocarbon With Exceptionally High Tensile Strength, And Exceptionally Easy To Tie Knots In
Leader Type: Freshwater Tippet

Rio Powerflex Plus Tippet Rio Powerflex Plus Tippet    $11.99 Add to Basket
RIO’s newest tippet is the strongest nylon tippet material ever made
Leader Type: Freshwater Tippet

Rio PowerFlex Tippet RIO PowerFlex Tippet    $5.49 Add to Basket
Rio keeps pushing the envelope. This stuff is amazing. High strength, with enough stretch to avoid breaking, but not so much that it affects your hook sets.
Leader Type: Freshwater Tippet

Maxima Tippet Spools Maxima Tippet Spools
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A leader material wich handles the roughest fishing conditions and will turn over large flies. Available in Ultragreen
Leader Type: Freshwater Tippet, Saltwater Tippet

Rio Powerflex Wire Bite Tippet RIO Powerflex Wire Bite Tippet    $19.99 Add to Basket
This is the stuff we have been waiting for. Easily ties to flies.Tough, flexible, nylon-coated wire tippet for sharp-toothed critters. Supple enough to tie a fly on with.
Leader Type: Freshwater Tippet Leader type: Saltwater Tippet

RIO 2 Tone Indicator Tippet RIO 2 Tone Indicator Tippet    $14.99 Add to Basket
Great for chech nymphing. Visible!
Leader Type: Freshwater Tippet

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