Waterworks Lamson Guru S Series Fly Reels

Totally enlightened. Steadfast and stylish, Guru has long set a standard for enlightened excellence as a rugged, fully USA-machined, and ultra-reliable reel at a great price.

By increasing the arbor to a larger diameter and making the spool narrower—all the while decreasing its total weight and parts—Guru S takes it to another level. An enhanced spool machining technique—focusing material only where it’s needed—makes this version significantly lighter and higher performing than its predecessor.

We’ve opened the porting to reduce weight and improve line drying, and integrated the counterbalance. We even introduced a curved cross-section for structural stability. Taking your game to fishing nirvana, this will be your Guru for life.

  • format: Large Arbor
  • materials: Machined 6061 Aluminum, Stainless Steel
  • finish: Type II Anodize
  • drag: Sealed Conical Drag System

HD (Heavy Duty) Models are full frame. Blaze finish only.

Our Price: $159.99-$419.99
Arbor Size: Large Arbor Drag Type: Sealed Conical Drag
Manufacturer: Waterworks-Lamson Right/Left Conversion: Easy

Waterworks Lamson Guru S Series Fly Reels
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Color Model-Rod-Line Wt-Capacity Type Qty Price

Waterworks Lamson Guru S Series Fly Reels
G7HD-6-8-WF8F-180 yd 20 lbSpool $169.99
G9HD-8-10-WF10F-220 yd 30 lbSpool $179.99


Waterworks Lamson Guru S Series Fly Reels
G3-2-4-WF4F-60 yd 20 lbReel $299.99
G3-2-4-WF4F-60 yd 20 lbSpool $159.99
G5-4-6-WF6F-100 yd 20 lbReel $299.99
G5-4-6-WF6F-100 yd 20 lbSpool $159.99
G7HD-6-8-WF8F-180 yd 20 lbReel $399.99
G9HD-8-10-WF10F-220 yd 30 lbReel $419.99
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