Lamson Litespeed G5 Reel
Infinite potential.

The fifth generation of the legendary Litespeed boasts a higher retrieve rate and narrower spool for improved line handling.

An integrated drag cassette for a stiffer frame, and an ergonomic drag knob.

A new version of our Hard Alox provides a more beautiful finish. Manufactured in the US and assembled in Boise, Idaho.

Our Price: $159.99-$439.99

Arbor Size: Large Drag Type: Conical Disk
Manufacturer: Waterworks-Lamson Right/Left Conversion: Yes
Series: LiteSpeed

Lamson Litespeed G5 Reel
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Color Model / Capacity Reel / Spool Qty Price
Hard Alox LS 1.5 / WF4 100yds 20#Reel $359.99
LS 1.5 / WF4 100yds 20#Spool $159.99
LS 2 / WF6 100yds 20#Reel $359.99
LS 2 / WF6 100yds 20#Spool $159.99
LS 3 / WF8 225yds 20#Reel $379.99
LS 3 / WF8 225yds 20#Spool $169.99
LS 3.5 / WF9 250yds 30#Reel $399.99
LS 3.5 / WF9 250yds 30#Spool $179.99
LS 4 / WF10 250yds 30#Reel $439.99
LS 4 / WF10 250yds 30#Spool $195.99
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