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Kiene's Waterproof Thin Fly Box Kiene's Waterproof Thin Fly Box    $12.99-$21.99 Add to Basket
These thin waterproof boxes have secure waterproof latches, high density rubbers seals, and magnetic inserts in each compartment.

These boxes have more depth than our standard slim boxes to fit larger flies.

Kiene's Teton Streamer-Saltwater Fly Box Kiene's Teton Streamer-Saltwater Fly Box    $56.99 Add to Basket
Our new and improved boat box is bigger and badder! Tough polypropylene with slit foam on both sides plus a large foam patch on the outside for drying flies. Extra deep (4.25") to handle the biggest flies out there.

Kiene's Slim Magnetic Boxes Kiene's Slim Magnetic Boxes    $9.99-$11.99 Add to Basket
Made from tough, clarified polypropylene. These 1/2" thick minimalist boxes will keep you loaded with midges and options while keeping the bulk down. Available with a variety magnetic backers.

Kiene's Poly compartment fly box Kiene's Poly compartment fly box    $4.99-$7.99 Add to Basket
Features large compartments perfect for larger flies. Living hinge, snap tight latch

Kiene's Waterproof Articulated Fly Box w Hooks Kiene's Waterproof Articulated Fly Box w Hooks    $17.99 Add to Basket
Waterproof articulated fly box with hooks and slot foam. Holds large articulated patters. ABS construction

Kiene's Self Healing Silicone Boxes Kiene's Self Healing Silicone Boxes    $24.99-$29.99 Add to Basket
Our best selling rugged double sided waterproof fly boxes with an upgraded liner. The self healing silicon is incredibly durable as well as non absorbent. Silicon is die cut with individual hook slits.

Kiene's Flat boxes with silicone liner Kiene's Flat boxes with silicone liner    $17.99-$19.99 Add to Basket
Our popular waterproof slim fly boxes are now available with the new silicon liner. Silicon liners are non absorbent, self healing, and highly durable. Available in both medium and large

Kiene's Super Trout Box Kiene's Super Trout Box    $11.95 Add to Basket
The Ultimate EasyGrip Foam Fly Box at an unbelievable price! Holds tons of flies.

Kiene's Double Sided Waterproof Boxes Kiene's Double Sided Waterproof Boxes    $11.99-$20.99 Add to Basket
Strong, durable, clarified ABS plastic boxes with positive snap tight latch and stainless steel hinge pins.

Kiene's Boat Patchs Kiene's Boat Patchs    $12.99 Add to Basket

9 x 5" Foam and magnetic fly patch. Included hook & loop/adhesive backer for easy attachment to your boat or truck visor.

Kiene's Go To Box Kiene's Go To Box    $10.99-$24.99 Add to Basket
One box to hold all you daily needs. This waterproof box is very durable ...

Kiene's Clear Fly Box with Foam Slots Kiene's Clear Fly Box with Foam Slots    $8.99 Add to Basket
Tough polypropylene fly box, high density foam liner holds tons of flies, strong living hinge and snap tight latch.

Kiene's XL Snappy Fly Box Kiene's XL Snappy Fly Box    $1.99 Add to Basket
Holds larger streamers and salt water flies. Also great for fly tying materials.

Kiene's Rugged Polycarbonate Boxes Kiene's Rugged Polycarbonate Boxes    $16.99-$18.99 Add to Basket

PLAN D Fly Boxes PLAN D Fly Boxes    $34.99-$59.99 Add to Basket

Kiene's Shot, Bead and Folding Box Kiene's Shot, Bead and Folding Box    $5.99 Add to Basket
Handy compartment fly boxes for those windy days on the river.

Kiene's Lycra EVA Foam Fly Box Kiene's Lycra EVA Foam Fly Box    $21.49-$24.95 Add to Basket
Lightweight floating fly boxes made form EVA foam and covered with Trout pattern printed lycra. Features magnetic closure and slit foam.

Myran Fly Boxes Myran Fly Boxes    $7.99-$11.99 Add to Basket
Fly Fisherman's utility box for flies and accessories.

Tacky Fly Boxes Tacky Fly Boxes    $7.95-$69.95 Add to Basket

Kiene's 20 Compartment Box Kiene's 20 Compartment Box    $6.99 Add to Basket

Kiene's Magnum Box Kiene's Magnum Box    $29.99 Add to Basket
This double sided box is waterproof with stainless steel hinge pins and secure latches. Designed to slip right into you boat bag.

Kiene's Teton Fly Boxes Kiene's Teton Fly Boxes    $26.99 Add to Basket
Built from shatterproof polycarbonate, this box features extra thick 10mm foam to secure the largest flies.

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