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Kiene's Wilderness Pro Rain Jacket Kiene's Wilderness Pro Rain Jacket    $149.95 Add to Basket
Constructed with waterproof, Teflon coated, breathable Burlington XALT fabric, this jacket sets an industry standard for design, workmanship and value.

Kiene's Wilderness Pro Packable Rain Jacket Kiene's Wilderness Pro Packable Rain Jacket    $69.95 Add to Basket
Kiene's packable jacket is very lightweight, Teflon coated, packable, hooded, front Zip, breathable rain jacket.

Kiene's Wilderness Pro lightweight Layering Kiene's Wilderness Pro lightweight Underwear    $34.95 Add to Basket
This is the most important layering piece. It is worn against the skin and wicks moisture. A critical element to staying dry and warm. A must for all wading conditions.

Simms Guide Lightweight Bugstopper Sock Simms Guide Lightweight Bugstopper Sock    $29.95 Add to Basket
Lightweight, insect-fishing socks you can rock on and off the river
Manufacturer: Simms

ORVIS PRO Wading Jacket ORVIS PRO Wading Jacket    $349.00 Add to Basket
No compromise, guide-class Men's PRO Wading Jacket
Garment: Rain Jackets

Simms G3 Guide Tactical Jacket Simms G3 Guide Tactical Jacket    $499.95 Add to Basket
Your problems may all fade away the second your line hits the water, but the storm around you will rage on.

Simms Guide Lightweight Crew Sock Simms Guide Lightweight Crew Sock    $24.95 Add to Basket
Lightweight Merino socks you’ll rely on both on and off the water
Manufacturer: Simms

Simms Guide Windbloc  Half-finger Mitt Simms Guide Windbloc Half-finger Mitt    $54.95 Add to Basket
A convertible hideout for frozen hands, the Half-Finger build adds appreciated function to your on the water duties.

Simms Headwaters no finger glove Simms Headwaters no finger glove    $19.95 Add to Basket
Cold-killing fleece meets fishing freedom for hardworking fingers.

Simms Guide Wet Wading Socks Simms Guide Wet Wading Socks    $24.95 Add to Basket
Submersible socks with quick-drying, hydrophobic superpowers
Manufacturer: Simms

Glacier Glove Stripping-Fighting Glove Glacier Glove Stripping-Fighting Glove    $29.99 Add to Basket
This fingerless fighting/stripping glove has been specifically designed to provide protection from the sun and from line cuts and abrasions.

Simms Freestone Wading Jacket Simms Freestone Wading Jacket    $269.95 Add to Basket
A versatile fishing jacket to battle the unpredictable weather.

REVIVEX® Water Repellent for Outerwear REVIVEX® Water Repellent for Outerwear-Waders    $13.95 Add to Basket
REVIVEX® Water Repellent for Outerwear For GORE-TEX® and WINDSTOPPER® garments and all types of breathable laminates and synthetic fabrics. Wash, Spray & Tumble dry.

Stripee Stripping Fingers Stripee Stripping Fingers    $9.99 Add to Basket
The Stripee line guard protects your fingers while retrieving line, and cleans and preserves your flyline in the process.

Buff Pro Series Finger Guards Buff Pro Series Finger Guards    $8.00 Add to Basket
Put those bandaids back in the first aid kit, and get that tape back in the toolbox where it belongs. BUFF® Finger Guards will do the trick.

Kiene's Canyon Cap Kiene's Canyon Cap    $21.95 Add to Basket
Pigment Dyed Washed Twill Cap

ORVIS Pro Vest ORVIS Pro Vest    $198.00 Add to Basket
The PRO Vest is designed to carry everything you need, but is very light and breathes well for comfort.

Orvis Womans PRO Wading Jacket Orvis Womans PRO Wading Jacket    $349.00 Add to Basket
No compromise, guide-class wading jacket designed for women anglers, made of a highly durable custom woven three-layer shell.

2020 SIMMS G4 Pro Jacket 2020 SIMMS G4 Pro Jacket    $649.95 Add to Basket

Kiene's Fly Shop Camo Hats Kiene's Fly Shop Camo Hats    $22.95 Add to Basket
Top of the line, form fit hat. The best one we could find. No clasps to deal with. One size fits all.

Kiene's fly fishing t-shirts Kiene's Signature LS T-Shirts    $32.95-$33.95 Add to Basket
Join the Kiene team and show off your logo!

Kiene's Logo Washed Twill Hat Kiene's Logo Washed Twill Hat    $19.95 Add to Basket
This double washed cotton twill hat is stylish and functional.

Buff Solar Glove Buff Solar Glove    $20.00 Add to Basket
At home on a kayak, paddle board, wave runner, or a fishing boat, our lightest-weight gloves are so comfortable you might forget you’re wearing them.

Buff Aqua Glove Buff Aqua Glove    $29.00 Add to Basket
Protect your hands from sun, surf, chafing, and cuts. These extremely versatile gloves are a fisherman’s best friend.

Buff ELITE Glove Buff ELITE Glove    $45.00 Add to Basket
Theses gloves are simply the most advanced fishing gloves we’ve ever imagined.

Buff POLAR Multifunctional Headwear Buff POLAR Multifunctional Headwear    $32.00 Add to Basket
BUFF® Polar Multifunctional Headwear has been engineered with a 4-Way, seamless, ULTRA STRETCH fabric construction

Fishpond Eddy River Hat Fishpond Eddy River Hat    $59.95 Add to Basket

2020 Catch and Release Zero Limit T-Shirts - Sale 2020Catch and Release Zero Limit T-Shirts - Sale    $22.95 Add to Basket
They look and feel good. Support catch and release. Gorgeous Classic Rainbow Trout!

Kiene's Wilderness Pro Heavy Weight Fleece Layering Kiene's Wilderness Pro Heavy Weight Fleece Underwear    $39.95 Add to Basket
Our heavy weight fleece is good looking, comfortable and rugged. When wet, ring it out and it will dry quickly. Very practical and compared to competition it is an excellent value.

Kiene's Wilderness Pro Windproof Fleece Jacket Kiene's Wilderness Pro Windproof Fleece Jacket    $59.95 Add to Basket

Kiene's Wilderness Pro Fingerless Bunting Gloves Kiene's Wilderness Pro Fingerless Bunting Gloves    $16.95 Add to Basket

Kiene's Legend Vintage Wash Trucker Cap Kiene's Legend Vintage Wash Trucker Cap    $21.95 Add to Basket
Unstructured low profile

Kiene's Vista Hats Kiene's Vista Hats    $19.95 Add to Basket
New hottest patterns with Kiene's logo.

Simms Solar Sombrero Simms Solar Sombrero    $29.95 Add to Basket
Our Solar Sombrero is made with 100% lightweight nylon with HT Teflon® treatment and features a wide brim.

Simms Guide Mid Weight Wading Sock Simms Guide Mid Weight Wading Sock    $29.95 Add to Basket
Premium midweight merino sock

Simms Headwaters Half-Finger Glove Simms Headwaters Half-Finger Glove    $24.95 Add to Basket
Scratch that itch to fish longer in half-finger fleece gloves.

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