Introduction to Spey Casting Clinic
This 4 hour clinic is a great introduction to the world of spey casting.

It is taught by John Hogg. John is a certified casting instructor with many years of experience. Most importantly, John is patient, and a teacher at heart.

The class will begin in the store with 1 hour explanation of spey casting and the equipment. The remaining 3 hours will be an on-the-river lesson - learning the most common Spey casts include the “Double Spey”, “Single Spey”, as well as “Circle/Snap-T”, and “Snake Roll”. With these casts, an angler will be able to make a cast in any river position and in any wind condition.

Classes will be the 2nd Saturday of each month. Classes are limited to just 4 anglers. Classes will begin at 10am and end at 2pm.

Students will need to provide fishing license and steelhead report card, flies, terminal leaders/tippets and pay for park entrance fees. Kiene’s will provide spey rods, reels, lines, waders, boots as well as instructor.

Our Price: $80.00

Class Size: 4 Duration: 4 Hrs
Equipment: fishing license, steelhead report card, flies, leaders/tippets, pay for park entrance fees Level: Beginner
Location: Kiene's Fly Shop / American River Times: 10am - 2pm

Introduction to Spey Casting Clinic
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