Euro Nymphing Clinic

Learn to fish the Euro Nymphing method like a pro! Czech Nymphing, Polish Nymphing, French, Italian and Spanish nymphing – also referred to as Euro Nymphing – is a style of nymph fishing that is readily catching on in the United States.

It is a very effective technique that is perfectly suited to faster pocket waters. This style of short line nymph fishing often uses longer, lightweight rods, no yarn or foam strike indicators and a leader construction designed to get your heavily weighted flies down to the bottom quickly.

The clinic will be taught by Happy Nguyen and Greg Vinci. Happy is a licensed guide that has years of experience at Euro Nymph techniques. Greg Vinci has many years of fly fishing the Sierra streams and has been using Euro Nymphing techniques effectively for years.

Greg is the author of the book, Flyfisher’s Guide to California. Greg has done many presentations all over California featuring the “where, what and how” of California stream fly fishing.

This is a two day on-river clinic for 4 to 6 anglers wanting to take their nymphing game to the next level.

  • We will begin with a leader rigging lesson followed by fly types used in these methods.
  • We will then demonstrate the different methods (Short Line – Up and Across | Long Line – Up and Across | Long Line – Directly Upstream) to varying water types and how to manipulate the flies to achieve the best sink rates.
  • We will then turn you loose on the river and fine tune your cast and drift to effectively get the flies where they need to be as well as help you best determine which method to use, given the water type.

This is not a beginner fly fishing class nor is it a guided trip. It is a clinic to improve your knowledge and skill level fishing the European Nymphing Methods. We expect you to have your own gear as well as some experience on rivers. Great for anglers wanting to learn to fish the Euro Methods.

Included: 2 days guided instruction, lunches, flies.
Not included: transportation to Truckee, lodging, breakfast, dinner, tips, gear

Our Price: $495.00

Class Size: 6 Students Equipment: Bring your own
Level: Intermediate and above Location: Truckee River

Euro Nymphing Clinic
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