Fly Fishing Travel

Kiene’s Fly Shop Travel Services is headed up by Gary Eblen, Kiene’s owner, and Mark Merrill, Kiene’s Fly Shop director of travel services. Gary and Mark have traveled the fly-fishing world for over 25 years. They have fly fished hundreds of destinations worldwide. Mark is a recognized expert in New Zealand, Bahamas, Alaska, Mexico and Montana. Talk to the experts about your next fly-fishing adventure.

Kiene’s Fly Shop has booking arrangements with over 90 worldwide destinations. They are represented on our travel website with meaningful information to help you. Wander around our complete offerings and let’s hear your questions and concerns.

Kiene’s Fly Shop promises to be honest about what you can expect for your travel dollars. We would prefer to not book a trip if we don’t feel it is what you are looking for. Honesty is the hallmark of Kiene’s Fly Shop Travel Services.

Kiene’s Fly Shop can arrange for group trips up to 15 people to lodges all over the world. Got a conference you need to build? We will work out all the details and let you concentrate on the meetings. We will build in activities of interest to all your guests. Knowing these lodges is important to a groups’ success.

Kiene’s Fly Shop Travel booking clients will receive 10% discount on all products purchased for your trip. Kiene’s Fly Shop is a one stop shop for all your travel needs.

Guide Service

Kiene’s Fly Shop Guide Services are headed by Andy Guibord and Joe Vasquez. Joe and Andy have been guiding in our area for over 25 years. They are familiar with all Northern California waters. Either Joe or Andy are in our store daily to answer questions and book your next guide trip. Deal with people that guide, not sales people.

Kiene’s Fly Shop has over 25 guides hand selected by Joe Vasquez and Andy Guibord that guide waters from the California/Oregon border to the Mammoth Lake area. All Kiene’s Fly Shop guides are qualified, knowledgeable, fully stocked and humble. They will work hard for you.

Kiene’s Fly Shop Guide Services prices are comparable or less than other guide services. We guarantee our guide services with our unconditional guarantee. We don’t guarantee that you will catch x number of fish, but we guarantee our guides will work hard and be humble.

Kiene’s Fly Shop Guide Services can put together group trips.  We have handled groups of up to 12 anglers on Northern California waters. Think good times on the water! 

Kiene’s Fly Shop Guide Services can provide premium services which include all equipment, flies, beverages and food. In the area for a stay from out of town? Want a day or two on the water? Kiene’s Fly Shop can handle all that for you. Give us a call and talk to Andy or Joe.

Classes and Clinics

Kiene’s Fly Shop has an introduction to fly fishing class that has taught thousands of clients how to fly fishing.  It has been running non-stop for over 25 years. Our groups are small (only 6 per class) to ensure personal attention to each person. Instruction is headed by our head instructor, Mike Powers.  Mike has taught these classes for over 20 years! Mike is also the fly buyer for Kiene’s Fly Shop. No one knows flies better than Mike Powers.

Kiene’s Fly Shop has private lessons for individuals, family or groups.  Simply put, they are tailored to fit your schedule, not ours.  Top instructors will lead these sessions.

Kiene’s Fly Shop will provide “top of the line” instruction for individuals, couples or groups that are headed by our Kiene’s Fly Shop Guide Services – Andy Guibord and Joe Vasquez.  These programs combine introduction and on-stream fishing trips.  There simply is no way to learn fly fishing better or faster than these custom programs. In addition, clients will be on the water fly fishing while learning.  

Kiene’s Fly Shop has incredible fly tying classes, headed by Fly Tyer of Year, Tim Au-Young.  Tim has been teaching fly tying for over 20 years. Tim is one of Northern California’s most prominent tying instructors. Tim is our fly tying section buyer in addition to teaching. Tim’s classes range from beginner to advanced tiers. Specialty classes are offered through out the year.